Polana Hotel Reviews

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  1. Aton said:

    We recently celebrated my mother’s 80th at the Polana.

    The hotel was refurbished in 2010, and really look nice – the facelift since our last visit was clearly visible.

    The rooms were were very comfortable, the food was good and the stay very pleasant.

    Unfortunately the lure of the US $ and related inflated prices have befallen this hotel as well.
    whilst you can expect high prices in a 5* hotel, the Polana is ridiculously expensive when it comes to food and alcohol – best to eat and drink in town.

  2. Andrew said:

    Overall I had a pleasant stay in the hotel. It is a solid 4 star hotel with a great pool, comfortable rooms, nice buffet breakfast, good conference facilities, excellent spa and gym, and good central location in Maputo. The reception staff were great and very helpful. As a member of the Leading Hotels of the World there is room for improvement. Here are some minor issues I found with the hotel:

    Lunch – There is a buffet lunch in the restaurant which is quite expensive. I did not want the buffet and said that I wanted to order a la carte. I was pressured by 3 different restaurant staff to just do the buffet. No means no. After ordering a prawn ceasar salad, I waited 35 minutes for the salad and they brought chicken instead of prawns. Overall not a big deal, but room to improve.

    Pool – Great massive pool. Would recommend that they have a more consistent bar/food service at the pool.

    Housekeeping – forgot to replenish certain bathroom items on some days. Small thing but attention to detail is what separates a great hotel from a good hotel.

  3. Lawrence Hawks said:

    As far as room furnishings go, this was on par with the nicest places I have ever stayed anywhere. Upon my arrival, the staff was eager to help me check in and get to the room. I felt pampered and safe.

    On the downside, it was a bit pricey for what it was. They tried to overcharge me for postage. They decided 8:00 am was the time they needed to check the mini-bar. Did I look like that much of a lush that they needed to check 6 hours after I checked in?

    Overall, it’s a nice place to stay. The Southern Sun edges it out, but this one is worth a look.

  4. Neo kamp said:

    You get what you pay: beautifull rooms with nice african decorations, good beds, nice views of the sea, wonderfulll gym with sauna (free), excellent breakfast, best swimmingpool, nice personnel.

  5. Kasia said:

    All in all, had a beautiful visit to Maputo with thanks to the hotel. Everyone was very friendly and the hotel grounds were beautiful. The rooms on the ocean were a little muggy, probably due to their proximity to the water. Perhaps next time I would stay in the main building further away from the sea. I had some trouble getting a good wi-fi signal in the room, but would stay at the hotel again.

  6. Zenji said:

    Another visit to the Polana. Maputo has become a very busy city, and the Polana seemed solidly booked during my recent business trip.

    I felt that the Polana’s management team has gotten a better handle on ensuring first-rate service in many areas. One example is the breakfast where there now is a very visible supervisor walking around and directing the servers. She rarely smiles but seems to be successful, since coffee service has become much faster than before–although there was one day when she was not around and I needed to remind the waiters four times to finally get my coffee. Other notable improvements since my last review half a year ago: (i) Blackberry reception is now available throughout the hotel; and (ii) internet connectivity is pretty reliable, although not 100 percent.

    By contrast, evening service at the main restaurant and bistro/club near the pool continues to be very slow. At the restaurant, there seems to be strong pressure to take advantage of the cold and hot buffet, although it is, in my view, way overpriced. When I wanted to order a la carte, the head waiter took a long time to bring me the menu–and the wait for the dish I ordered was 45 minutes. At the pool bistro/club, more basic food can be had but only until 7 pm on many nights. On Thursday night, they now have very cool jazz performers and it is very crowded with locals as well, but wait service is very sporadic; it took us half an hour to get our bill and we got it only when we threatened to walk away. I would hope that the management team will continue to work toward perfectioning the service.

    Overall, the Polana is a beautiful hotel with a nice feel to it.

  7. Elizna said:

    The Polana Serena hotel exceeded all our expectations. We stayed for a longweekend in a luxury or superior seaview room. The staff was very discreet, never banging on the door to make the room and we enjoyed the turndown service. The phone rang only once to let us know that one of the taxis returned our change. The beds are excellent quality matresses, we really slept like kings. The price is a bit high, next time we will be in the cheaper rooms since the rest of the hotel is stunning enough. Don’t be fooled by the price quoted on their website, it excludes taxes of more than a R1000 per day, it is only added once you make the booking. Best hotel for a romatic getaway. The bar at the end of the property has a stunning view over the sea, we spend many hours drinking Manicas and staring at the view.

  8. Nwabisa Mwarri said:

    My stay at the Polana was Amazing. The staff are so friendly, they made me feel like i was the only guest in the enitre hotel. The rooms are beautiful, the food is just delicious. Business or pleasure, the Polana is amazing. I have no complaints.

  9. Alison Walker said:

    A group of 4 of us visited the Polana Hotel in March for a very close friend’s 40th which coincided with my birthday too. We had a ball! We were upgraded as a birthday present and welcomed with a song from the staff and a delicious personalised birthday cake…

    The renovation is beautiful and grand… peeked into the Ballroom and thought it was spectacular. My friends commented that they missed the huge palm trees that surrounded the pool area as they gave wonderful shade (pool umbrellas never cool properly in my opinion). Not having been to the Polana before, I couldn’t comment. The pool area is lovely as it is now and we spent the majority of our time there sipping cocktails (excellent ones!)

    The breakfasts were very good and extensive. We had dinner one night in the hotel which we thought was a bit pricey, but good. Staff could do with a little more training, in keeping with a five star property, but I understand that this is difficult when the majority don’t speak English. Unfortunately, our friend’s bar fridge didn’t work for the entirety of our stay, even after numerous attempts to get it fixed. On that note, however, I highly commend the guest liaison gentleman (writing this review so belatedly, I have forgotten his name). He is an absolute credit to the hotel and should be hung onto!

    Maputo seems to be on an upswing, we took a walk and passed lovely little gelato shops, eateries and boutiques as well as the mandatory sidewalk sellers. We felt perfectly safe, even walking at night. We also visited the Yacht Club for dinner and were very impressed. Fabulous food and service at very good prices. Just to note, that we were recommended to the Ice Bar, next door to ‘Coconuts’ – they only open at 23:00, sometimes 23:30 and dress is ubersmart! Don’t bother unless you’re wearing designer wear and killer heels.